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Paul Rogers

I LOVE THE SINUS AND ALLERGY CHIPS! For much of my life I took shots for my allergies, and when I wasn't taking shots I was taking pills - I was miserable from February through the end of April! With our chips I don't have to take any medication at all and my eyes don't water, my congestion is gone, no sneezing, no sore throat and I can sleep!

Catherine Vorrasi

The CieAura PureRelief and PureEnergy chips were an essential tool when I had my neck injury and when I feel out of balance and not feeling myself, these sure do the trick! Thank you CieAura!

George Baylor

The CieAura Chips have positively affected the Health of my entire family. We use the chips daily whether it is for a current health challenge or for preventive health maintenance. My personal three favorite chips are "Pure Relief" which totally relieves my leg nerve discomfort, "Pure Rest" which always gives me a very deep night's sleep, and "Cell Phone Safe Guard" which keeps my cell phone from getting hot and me from getting headaches from too much cell phone use and EMF exposure.

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