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Holographic Storage

We are living in a period of time where information is more readily available than ever before. Thanks to the internet and remarkable changes to information storage devices, amazing amounts of information are immediately available with only a computer and internet connection. These advances in storage devices include a rapidly lowering cost associated with a vast increase of storage ability on equipment with similar footprints. Currently, magnetic and optical devices are used to meet this need. However, devices that can store exponentially larger amounts of information on the same footprint as optical and magnetic devices are needed now.

These future devices will use holographic technology. Though this process was conceived decades ago, the invention of low cost procedures and materials have enabled significant progress in the technology so that it is viable and affordable. Optical and magnetic storage devices store information only on the surface of the storage medium. On the other hand, holographic storage devices store data in the entire volume of the medium. This means that a holographic chip only a few millimeters in thickness can store hundreds of times more information than an optical or magnetic storage device occupying the identical volume of space. The theoretical limits for the storage density of this technique is approximately several tens of Terabytes (1 terabyte =1024 gigabytes) per cubic centimeter.

Another distinct advantage of holographic data storage is that it provides companies a method to preserve and archive information. Holographic storage allows you to write-once and read many times (WORM). This means stored data cannot be modified. It will exist in its current form or be completely erased. The other advantage is that the longevity of stored data is in excess of 50 years.

CieAura and its partner, HarmonicFM, have devised a way to imprint holographic chips with "Intrinsic Energies". Normally, laser beam driven apparatuses are used to record and read data stored on a holographic ship (There are several online sites that explain this process). However we are not storing traditional information. Our products require “Intrinsic Energies” to be stored on the hologram and the use of laser beam driven methods simply do not work. Different technologies for embedding the signals were needed, and HarmonicFM has successfully developed these technologies. The exact methods are proprietary.

In summary, the discovery that a small holographic chip can store our large volume “Intrinsic Energies” formulas was a revolutionary breakthrough for HarmonicFM. This has allowed our product to be reduced from a large bulky device to a small, barely noticeable holographic chip. There are two other significant aspects of using holographic chips as a medium add to the quality of our products. First, the formula, once embedded into the chip cannot be modified, only erased (a strong magnet will do that). This means if the chip is still charged you can rest assured that the “Intrinsic Energies” embedded will be as pure as it was the day it left our factory. Second, life span of data stored on a hologram is normally over 50 years. That means that theoretically, our products have no shelf life. We have used chips in excess of 2 years old with absolutely no degradation of effectiveness. What activates the chip is the natural electromagnetic field of the body. The chip thereby interacts with the body’s energy flows causing the desired effects. As the body and chip react with each other, over time the chip loses strength similar to nuclear energy half life and can only be measured in half life increments. An example would be the Energy Chip would lose about 25% of its strength after the first 24 hours of application. Once the chip is removed from the body’s energy field, the chip stops losing strength.

It is often misconstrued that frequencies and vibrations are the basis for the CieAura Chip design. To clarify: Harmonic FM is the developer and manufacturer of the CieAura Chip and Harmonic FM has determined that frequencies and/or vibrations are not the rudimentary cause of brain and body communication. Harmonic FM research has shown that frequencies and vibrations are an energy force that can be measured, and when absorbed by the body, appear to create certain effects. We have found that when the frequencies and vibrations are removed from the body, there remains, what we refer to as, intrinsic energies which operate as the body’s natural communication force. These “intrinsic energies” are not measurable in the same manner as frequencies and vibrations are measurable, and because of this, we use the body’s natural forces to antidotally determine the existence of these forces. For these reasons, we consider it factually incorrect to describe the results of our technology to be driven by frequencies or vibrations.