Pure Relief

Cell Communication

The Body Communicates With and Regulates Itself through electromagnetic fields. CieAura Chips communicate with these fields to achieve the desired effects, more energy, better sleep,and pain management, etc.

1. Energy underlies every aspect of nature

2. In the world of quantum physics (dealing with particles smaller than the electron), because everything is energy, everything vibrates

3. Virtually all we know about living systems is based on the analysis of energy

4. At a basic level, all life depends upon molecules interacting through vibrating or oscillating energy fields

Traditional View on How Cells Communicate

1. 2 molecules that match each other structurally, exchange information when they come into contact with each other

2. Like a key finding a keyhole

3. Problem: In an average cell there is one protein molecule for every 10,000 water molecules

4. Contact between key and receptor protein molecules is by chance and can take time

5. Model does not account for the speed observed in instantaneous reactions such as anger, joy or fear

Research from 1984 to the late 1990’s by French research scientist, Dr. Jacques Benvineste:

1. Cells don’t rely on contact to pass information for biological processes, but rather on electromagnetic waves.

2. Water molecules are conduits for these electromagnetic waves (The more hydrated the better. The more crystalline structure the better.)

3. There are receptor molecules with the matching spectrum of features that tune into the specific energy frequencies of the transmitter

4. As these transmitter and receptor molecules resonate at the same frequency, they then resonate with the next molecule in the biochemical reaction and the reaction cascades forward

5. This creates a cascade of electromagnetic impulses traveling at the speed of light and accounts for fast, multiple responses by the body

6. This is a logical extension to studies by physicist Fritz-Albert Popp showing that molecules, atoms, organs, etc. all have their own signature frequencies

7. Each atom, molecule organ, system has its own vibratory character.

Jackson and Mantsch used spectroscopic methods. They determined:

1. The human body emits specific vibratory information

2. These vibrations precisely specify the activities taking place within The body.

The body has a self regulatory mechanism to fix vibration deviations -- The procedure is physics term called “entrainment”. When, for some reason, a cell or molecule gets out of sync, entraining signals from neighboring cells will tend to reinstall the correct signal; if a sufficient number of cells become out of sync, stability can be lost. This leads to disease and disorder. Entrainment – A basic physics phenomenon. Here’s a scientifically proven example: Several identical pendulum clocks were mounted on a wall and the pendulums were started and were swinging individually. Over time all pendulums were synchronized and were swinging together. Conclusion: Frequencies close to each other influence each to move to a common frequency. Any clocks with a pendulum of a different weight or longer pendulum arm were not entrained.

Internal Vibrations Can Be Modified By an Outside Source

There are numerous examples of external frequencies or electromagnetic fields altering bodily functions; for example, there is a high correlation of heart attacks during heightened periods of solar activity H. Froelich said living organisms must produce coherent oscillations with an ideal or resonant frequency. By manipulating and balancing the vibratory circuits, we can directly influence the body’s defense and repair systems. As shown earlier Siskin and Walker in 1995 showed that employing magnetic fields at specific frequencies have resulted in enhanced capillary formation, decreased necrosis, reduced swelling, diminished pain, etc.

Russik and Schwartz conducted experiments on entrainment in 1994 to see if vibrations from one person can affect the vibrations of another person.

They Placed 2 test subjects in a room facing each other with their eyes closed; over time there some was evidence of coupling of both cardiac and brain rhythms; however, the effect was increased when the subjects were connected electrically simply by holding opposite ends of a wire.

So – it’s now been proven over and over that Internal Body Signals Can Be Modified By An Outside Source.

1. Our holographic chips are embedded with intrinsic energies that work with the body’s energy fields to achieve specific results.

2. Our formulas are comprised of 5 to 250 different energies; that encourage the optimization of the body’s natural energies. The method of determining and embedding these energies into the chip and the formulas are proprietary information and is patent pending on the equipment, and methods and chip presentation

3. When placed near the body (1 inch or less) our chip is activated by the body’s electromagnetic field

4. This process is similar to the reaction of a piano and a tuning fork; When a tuning fork is activated, piano wires of a similar frequency vibrate in resonance with the tuning fork – But they only resonate when the wire is exactly in tune and has an exact matching frequency.

5. Once activated, the signals embedded in the chip interact with the natural body energy to produce the desired result.

6. Our Chips bring the body to the optimum balance for the desired effect; Pain relief, sleep enhancement, increased energy. The chip is new science, non transdermal, and no drugs or harmful entities enter the body.

How our chips are made and work with the body is proprietary. Years of research and development have yielded an outstanding product that works.


-In 1977, J. Hyvarinen studied electrical resistance on human skin and found the points of least resistance coincided with acupuncture points. After lengthy tests, optimum placement points on the body have been established based on the type of chip. Traditional acupuncture points have worked best as application points for our formulas. 

It is often misconstrued that frequencies and vibrations are the basis for the CieAura Chip design. To clarify: Harmonic FM is the developer and manufacturer of the CieAura Chip and Harmonic FM has determined that frequencies and/or vibrations are not the rudimentary cause of brain and body communication. Harmonic FM research has shown that frequencies and vibrations are an energy force that can be measured, and when absorbed by the body, appear to create certain effects. We have found that when the frequencies and vibrations are removed from the body, there remains, what we refer to as, intrinsic energies which operate as the body’s natural communication force. These “intrinsic energies” are not measurable in the same manner as frequencies and vibrations are measurable, and because of this, we use the body’s natural forces to antidotally determine the existence of these forces. For these reasons, we consider it factually incorrect to describe the results of our technology to be driven by frequencies or vibrations.